Change Password

Changing your password through the SafeBolt webmail interface is easy and we will show you how below. First, take a few seconds to read about password best practices.

Password requirements:

SafeBolt Mail recommends using secure passphrases consisting of multiple words and special characters since they can be much easier to remember.

  • Ideally it is best to use longer, more complex pass phrases to properly protect yourself, and your company, from hackers. Our SafeBolt system supports passwords up to 64 characters. We request a minimum password length of 12-15 characters.
  • Shorter passwords require use of at least 1 of the following: UPPER CASE letter, lower case letter, special characters, and a numeral to meet minimum security requirements.
  • Passwords expire after 1 year and must be changed at that time. Changing more frequently is advised.
  • You can never re-use your current password.
  • Please allow 15 minutes for your new password to propagate through the system.
  • Write your password down in a secure location until you memorize it then destroy the note.

How to change your password in SafeBolt webmail:

  • Click the Preferences tab.
  • Ensure General is selected in the left-hand column.
  • Click the Change Password button.

  • Complete the fields in the pop-up window and click Change password to complete.

Contact your Domain Administrator as they can perform password changes. 

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