Dragging and Dropping

A powerful feature of the SafeBolt Mail user interface is the ability to "drag and drop" items. Not only can tags, contacts, and emails be dragged and dropped for easy organization, but you will find many features of SafeBolt Mail can be moved around via "dragging" and "dropping." For example, you can drag-and-drop emails into different folders, drag tags onto emails or contacts for easy filtering, or even drag and drop folders into other folders.

To drag an item, hold down the left mouse button on the item you wish to move. Then, move the mouse while continuing to hold down the left mouse button. When you wish to drop the item, release the left-mouse button.

Another powerful feature of the SafeBolt Mail user interface worth mentioning is multiple selections. You can often select multiples of items you wish to move or be tagged by simply playing a checkmark beside each item you want in your selection. Alternatively, you can even select multiple items by holding down your shift key, using your arrow keys to select anything in the list, and releasing the shift key to complete your selection. These selections can then be moved in giant "clumps," saving you time and energy and helping you to quickly organize items in exactly the way you want them.

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