Contact Groups

Within your Contacts, you're not limited to single contacts. You can create multiple Contact Groups to help you keep organized.

For example, suppose some fellow coworkers and/or friends wanted to form a Book Club. These people are all in your Contacts, but you want to more easily find and email them. You would create a new Contact Group.

To create a new Contact Group, ensure you have selected the Contacts tab and click the arrow beside New Contact to open a new menu. Then, simply click New Contact Group.

Simply complete the following:

  • Group Name: The name of your new contact group. In this example, our Contact Group would be named "Book Club."
  • Group Members: You can search for individuals to add in the right-hand column Search field or add members immediately from your domain by selecting one ore more of them and clicking Add. Alternatively, if you wanted to add everyone in the right-hand column, you could just click Add All.

You can also manually add email addresses using the box near the bottom right hand corner. Simply type the email address(es) you want to add, separate them with a comma, and click "Add."

Once you have all the members you want in your new Contact Group simply click Save along the application toolbar near the top.

If you want to remove a member from your Contact Group simply click the red "X" alongside the contact's name.

Remember to click Save along the application toolbar near the top to apply your changes!

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