Filters (Junk and SPAM)

The following option is only available for Premium SafeBolt Mail accounts. If you would like this functionality, please contact our Sales department.

Enabling and disabling Junk Filtering with the SafeBolt web interface is quick and simple. First, click on the Preferences tab and then select Junk Filter.

SafeBolt Mail has three template rules for you to choose from.

  • Low - Default level of spam filtering
  • High - Stricter level of spam filtering
  • Disabled - No spam filtering

If you find you are getting too much SPAM, you may want to consider selecting the High option. Alternatively, if you don't want to risk losing legitimate messages you may want to choose the Low or even Disabled option. Be sure to click OK to apply your changes.

(Unfortunately, the more strict your SPAM filter, the more likely you are to risk losing legitimate messages. However, if you have a lower setting, your risk of losing legitimate messages is not as great but you may receive more SPAM. Please remember you may check your "Junk" folder at any time. This will help you refine your filtering decisions, and also ensure you don't miss any legitimate messages.)

SafeBolt Mail additionally allows you to customize your Spam Assassin scoring system. You can do this using the Custom field. Spam Assassin is a robust system that presses every messages through a variety of filters to determine it's "SPAM score." Essentially, however many asterisks you place in the Custom field increases or decreases the likelihood of SPAM. For example, 8 asterisks in this field (the default Low setting) permits any message that scores 8 or less to be received. Alternatively, 5 asterisks (the High setting) only permits message that score 5 or less to be received. Increasing the number of asterisks will permit higher scoring messages to be received whereas decreasing the number of asterisks will consider more messages "Junk"'.

(It's important to remember that spammers make every effort to make messages look legitimate, and that many legitimate messages may have systemic problems that cause them to look like SPAM. Ultimately, in the immortal words of the great Grant Sperry, "Fighting SPAM is more of an art than a science."')

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